The IDDA will be presented a conference during Media-Tech 2009 Frankfurt, from 10:00am to 2:00 pm on 23 April 2009.

They discussed disc duplication, but also how to best profit from the growing USB demand.
Members were invited to participate, and join for a networking dinner that evening.

This was a valuable opportunity to meet and talk to peers in the media duplicating industry.
Ideas from others who face the same challenges make these meetings not just worthwhile, but essential in these challenging times.
This conference was sponsored by the IDDA and the Media-Tech Association, at no charge to participants.
The program was as follows.

9.55 AM
Introduction and welcome to the participants
Franco Leoni, IDDA – Chairman of the conference

10.00 AM  
CD/DVD/BD Digital Printers
Speaker: Fouad Dick, IMedia Technologies

10.15 AM
Direct –To-Media publishing systems
Speaker: Petar Stojcevic, Teac Europe

10.30 AM
2 Print Mini Version
Speaker: Ron Goodwin, Tapematic SpA

10.45 AM
USB Digital Printer - PrintMaster
Speaker: Steve Woods, Copytrax

11.00 AM
Flat bed printer for discs and USB
Speaker: Judy Tam, Hanky

11.15 AM
BDR- Duplication
Speaker: Fabio Zalambani, Adeste Srl

11.30 AM
Recordable media CD/DVD/BD for Duplicators
Speaker: Vishal Nayyar, Moser Bayer India 

11.45 AM
Recordable Media CD/DVD/BD for Duplicators
Speaker: Frank Kravtzoff, Falcon Technologies International 

12.00 Coffee break

12.15 PM
New Protection Technologies
Speaker: Peter Worall, Fortium Technologies  

12.30 PM
Copy Protection of DVD ROm and USB
Speaker: Eyal Cohen, TrusCont Ltd 

12.45 PM
USB Copier
Speaker: Olaf Meyer, Altec ComputerSysteme GmbH

1.00 PM
The increasing Complexity of Duplicating USB Drives
Speaker: Dan Hockham, International Microsystems

1.15 PM
IDDA Groups and Social Networking
Speaker: Franco Leoni, Polonord Srl 

1.20 PM
IDDA Member Meeting 

2.00 PM End

January 18 2009

IDDA meeting and mini-conference 3rd February and dinner on 2nd February 2009, which was held at the same time and place as the Future of Packaged Media Conference www.futurepackagedmedia.com.

The disc duplicating business is harder than it was a few years back. How do you cope?

Contact Bernhard Kirschner.

January 17, 2008

IDDA and other groups join  for MEDIA-TECH Conference - March 4-5, 2008 Mayfair Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach, Fl. USA

The conference followed the proven two-day format from industry experts, offering attendees the opportunity to keep abreast of emerging trends and challenges in the media manufacturing and duplicating industry. Print technologies were compared with samples each using the same image at the IDDA Disc Printing Shootout. Flash memory opportunities were discussed and new Flash duplicators were viewed.

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